About Us

Who are LeadSense?

We are a small agency based in West Yorkshire that helps companies grow their business by delivering real-time, qualified, customer leads.

At LeadSense, we help businesses become successful by:

  • Providing Excellence and delivering an outstanding experience to our partners
  • Being Innovative and introducing new ideas to the market
  • Being open and Transparent, taking you along every step of the way
  • Acting as an extension of your team and helping your business achieve its goals

We believe in the following values: 

  • United
  • Original
  • Diverse
  • Transparent
  • Positive
  • Innovative
  • Driven

To learn more, see our video here

Where we came from

After spending years in the lead generation space (and seeing all the positives and negatives), the MD Kam Malik figured there is a better way to do lead generation and to be more transparent and innovative about it. So LeadSense was born in 2018.

Our purpose

Our purpose at LeadSense is to move beyond the term “lead generation” – a descriptor which is today overused and very often misused too. The obsession over “leads” has led to shortsighted practices with businesses and end-customers both dissatisfied.

There was, and still is a real lack of transparency and integrity in the industry and in order to improve the way things were done, we recognised quickly that these are not just “leads”, they are real customers with a genuine need. There exists a happy medium which can truly create a win-win scenario, helping end-customers get what they want, whilst helping businesses grow their customer base and revenue.

Where we are now

We seek to streamline and improve customer journeys, whilst focusing on providing a reliable, high-quality and sustainable service to clients. Both work in sync because customer leads that are better engaged are much more likely to convert. It’s about introducing customers, this is what we want to do for you.

Where we are headed

After experiencing success within the life insurance industry, the ambition now is to move into new markets. We understand both end-customers and our clients are looking for something unique that meets their needs and that is ultimately what we’re looking to provide.