At LeadSense, we offer an exclusive service to all of our customers that sets us apart from other Lead Generation businesses. We re-engage any non-active leads that you have purchased from us, absolutely free!

That’s right, if you have purchased leads from us that are no longer contactable or active, we will re-engage them for you at no cost to you. Once they are active again we will send them back across for you to convert into business.

This is a unique offering that can provide you with a revenue boost, at no additional cost.

So how does it work exactly and what do you need to do?

Once you have purchased the leads from us, you work on the leads for a period of time, for example 2 weeks. At the end of this period, you then export a list of any leads that are ‘non contactable’ or simply ‘not active’ and upload them to a web page where they will enter our customer engagement platform. 

Our system will send these to our in-house, UK based call centre and we begin dialling the prospects for you. Once a prospect is on the line we will not only put them through to you, but we’ll also send over a small fact find which we will have completed on your behalf. This additional information will help your agents tailor their approach. So, the newly engaged lead will be Hotkey’d over, and the fact find will be sent via email to your preferred inbox.

Some customers may only want to re-engage digitally and in this scenario we’ll send a completed fact find to you with the customer’s preferred contact day and time. All you then have to do is ring the customer at the requested time and guide them through the rest of your sales process. 

Our re-engagement service is all about demonstrating our commitment to helping you succeed. We’re confident in our lead quality, and we want to show you that we’re not just going to pass the leads on and leave the rest to you. We’re your growth partners, with you every step of the way. Our ethos is all about transparency and longevity, and we are looking to develop true partnerships.