How we’re different?

In 2018, LeadSense set out to solve a problem that was plaguing the industry – a lack of transparency and integrity that led to unsatisfied partners and customers.

Kam Malik, the founder, had been in the business for over ten years and knew there was a better way. He aimed to put the sense back into lead generation. And with LeadSense, he did just that. No more short-sighted practices, no more dissatisfaction. Just a simple, straightforward approach to lead generation that clients can trust.

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working across search, social and native advertising channels.

Our team

Our talented and diverse team is here to help you unlock your business growth potential.

Kam Malik

MD & Founder

Wendy Anderson

Head of Corporate

Peter Beukering

Head of Business Analysis

Nenad M.

Head of Marketing

Mark Herbertson

Head of Client Relations


Partnership Manager

Heather Cooper

Project Manager

Ankush Kamboj

IT Manager

Aman Kamboj

Creative Manager

Chris Lake

Marketing Manager

Bero Kaur

Finance Assistant

Alexander Burgos

Product Designer

Honey Gonzaga

Data Assistant


Ops & Support Specialist

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