Out of Hours Leads

Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused a sharp fall in leads for your business?

A number of lead suppliers across the UK have halted operations due to the outbreak, as employee safety is paramount. However, at LeadSense we have implemented a remote working policy since inception, and therefore have not had any operational issues to contend with.

This means that our service continues without interruption and we are able to provide support to our partners during this transitional period.

If your business has suffered a shortfall from other lead suppliers due to the recent events, we can help you!

Can You Run Your Business During These Hours?

To get maximise the value from these leads, it will be worth considering if you can run your operation earlier in the morning or a little later in the evening. You may find that it is more practical to allow your staff to work on a Saturday since they are at home during that period.

Whatever your situation, we are able to offer a more fluid and flexible arrangement suited to your business needs.

We can supply leads to your company out of normal working hours:

  • During early mornings
  • In the evenings
  • Throughout the weekends

We are offering this service as your staff adjust to working at home while possibly also having to home-school their children.

Flexibility is paramount at times like this and we are pleased to be able to adapt our lead generation services to suit your business requirements.

How Does it Work?

Weekday leads are generated between 8pm and 8am. You will receive these directly into your CRM and be able to dial them the morning after.

Weekend leads are real-time leads sent to you immediately during any operational weekend hours.

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